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Over the years, we have earned ourselves an outstanding reputation for the quality of our drum scanning work. Still today, among the rapidly changing industry, we have the technology and the expertise to consistently produce superior quality, crisp and —most importantly— colour accurate images, whether your original is a 35 mm slide or a 2’ x 3’ poster or piece of artwork. Whatever the final destination of your images is, like a 1 : 1 reproduction, the cover of an art book, an ad for a magazine or a newly created web site, rest assured that we’ll provide a final product that fits your needs.

Image Production:

• image manipulation
• retouching
• photo restoration

• Specializing in same day & overnight service



When using digital photography, you will find a lot of advantages, like being able to look at your images immediately, adjusting or correcting if necessary, without any Polaroid guessing or film processing waiting. If your busy schedule does not allow you to be at the studio, we are able to transfer the images to your screen and then discuss any details over the phone. Remember this is a first generation image that doesn't require scanning.

To find out the full potential of digital photography and image manipulation, and how it could save your company time and money, please contact us. Our quality is first class and our prices are extremely competitive, so before you place your next project, why not contact us for a quotation?

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